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All around us appears to be in ruin, family, church, society, morality and yet we stand, and party. This celebration, this pagan festival in honor of the lost has become more the social norm than prayers to our creator. While unseen forces lay waste to this life and leave darkness in the wake of the swift chaos of confusion, what was meant to be the light in this world has diminished into its weakest faintest flicker of a once proud and strong symbol for good!


We cower in rooms behind locked doors secretly conspiring to contribute to societies down fall, all the while pondering how we can amass more finical power. The question to ask should, be is power worth the price of our immortal soul? Let’s define the word immortal. (Not mortal; not liable or subject to death; undying: our immortal souls.) The soul will live on forever while the body decays with every single passing hour of life. Some days will feel better than others but, ultimately this physical form will cease to function. The soul is immortal, it is never ending, and that is the form we will dwell forever in. It is bound by the actions performed in this body. Judged by the creator, and governed by such, the soul guides us, it houses our subconscious, and it causes us to stand for what we know to be just and righteous. Our own desires to conform cause bow before the presence of a culture that has fallen victim to the sirens call. The soul is the deafening unheard call of our own birth given morals crying out to our body to take action, to stand apart, to immolate the unshakeable pillar in the storm. We have a greater meaning than most, yet we have no faith to stand on our own. The soul calls out my brothers the soul.




Man’s desires have been, and seemingly will forever be for that of fortune, fame, lust, and power. Man seeks to rule yet has no idea what dominion he will control. Man has no idea of who he is governing, for he has spent no time toiling in the fields. He has spent not one hour with the sick, with the widows in the grieving hours that follow the day of the calling. He has done nothing to deserve to rest upon his brow the crown of the King nor yield the scepter of the Emperor, he only wishes the corruptible title of ruler. Thus he brings dishonor to that which is honorable. Man will say what needs to be said to comfort those whose eyes have been shut by the falsehoods of rulers before him, and their profits who have spread lie after lie, yet the upright man will say that which provides no comfort for it is truth, he will unearth that which has been buried in deceit and expose it to the world. He will stand alone judged, cast aside, supported by few, disregarded by many, yet still commanded to do that which is not joyous to the mortal conscious , but, for righteousness sake must be done. Man seeks comfort in the company of the conformers, and rejoices in their soulless rituals then returns to his place of solitude, bows his head and asks the creator why his own crops fail to flourish, why his fields are barren, why his people thirst and starve. Man spends more time concerned about the perils of other kingdoms than that of his own small house. The Upright Man seeks knowledge and displays compassion. He cares less of himself and more for the needs of his people. The Upright man knows his weaknesses and attempts to work on them. He does not engage in actions that bring his fellowman down. He seeks and assists those whom are lost and serves as a model for them to immolate as he himself is an immolation of our creator. Man is the great informed - uninformer brothers. The upright man is the great giver to the uninformed.  






The past has taught us this lesson, hiding and waiting for change to take place is not the same as fighting for change to happen. We dress in uniforms, don the apparel of warrior’s from days past, we meet, we plan, we obligate, we pledge, we allow none who are not within our ranks to attend our communications and we guard our doors, we answer to a commander who governs us with a constitution, we act under by-laws, we gain more authority as we advance in the organization and we acknowledge one and other with secrete handshakes and silent passwords. We are chartered and recognized by a grander governing body. Our ranks extend worldwide, and our influence is known for the same. I SAY THEN BROTHERS ARE WE NOT SOLDIERS IN AN ARMY UNSEEN…… If indeed you answer is yes then why are we not engaging in this battle for morality? Why are we cowering in the distance? Have we forgotten the mission, or was there never the intention to fight. Ask yourself are you prepared for battle or will you become a causality of war? Have we become so decadent that we assume the square and compass will empower us like some mythological weapon? Do you understand what it means to lead? One cannot lead if he is not willing to defend, he cannot defend if he has not shown the courage to stand alone, and he cannot stand alone if he has not the fortitude to do such. Leadership is not a gift it is a responsibility, a burden that is held by many yet, understood by few. As a leader you are watched by those who have placed their trust in your ability to lead and voted you into power. You must meet all expectations and exceed them as well. Your sacrifices will be too many to count. You will be tired, and at times you will feel alone, and that is when true leaders are at their best. Leaders do not only delegate, they train, they inspect, and they approve or disapprove for the betterment and the sustainability of the organization. They lead the charge onto the battlefield knowing not what lies over the burrows of darkness, yet with the faith and trust in he who has created us, they charge with unresolved courage into the great abyss.  Leaders show no fear they show confidence they study, they learn, they communicate, they execute. This is a time for leaders, this is a time for results, this is a time for victory, and not defeat… this is now the time for unity. Ask yourself my brothers do you have the courage to lead them ….FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS…..



ADDGM Michael Wilson

Rising Sun Lodge 2

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