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The harvest is plenty - But the workers are few

     Have you ever stood and thought to yourself where have all the workers gone? Have you seen the harvest flourish, looking full and bountiful with no one there to toil in the field? God continues to give, while we wait for someone else to reap the blessings that he meant for us. We ask of him and he provides to us what we desire within due bounds, understand what is meant by due bounds. He allows what it is that we need to fulfill the mission set forth for us and no more. Why would he do this you may ask? I would think it is because before you can claim dominion over the mountain you must first be able to move the bolder. We have sat as did the kings of old living on the legacy of others hard work and dedication. The store house was full yet the people were hungry. To be effective today we must now more so than ever before train, maintain, and sustain. There can be no more excuses for failure. There can be no more contemplation about if we are responsible for being our brother’s keepers. We have before us  a challenge that is great. Our actions, work, and fortitude will be tested in these days to come. With everything that is in question today, the church, god, the very family structure its self, decency and morality just to name a few how my brothers HOW I ask can there be so few workers? The fields of morality are barren, the seeds of justice and righteous are in sparring quantity, and I ask you now where are the workers? The hot sun beats down on this life killing all that is within its rays because no one wishes to cultivate, irrigate, and dedicate. Our children are under attack by a clear and present enemy yet no one wishes to confront this menace. There is but one action that can and must be taken, that action my brothers is to erase the lines of difference and ideological influences drawn in the sand so many years ago for reasons today we cannot justify. We must realize that each one of rises to the same demoralizing life as the homeless if we choose to walk by them and not offer our assistance in some way shape or form. Theirs is a life of survival ours is a false reality of waiting for someone else to complete the work and then believing that from our past deeds our place in the kingdom is set. It is not so my brothers. How many times will the eyes of the blind be made to see, and the voices of the mute be heard once again for us to realize that the work is not done. There are many reasons why some choose not to come to communications, for some it is the complexity of a failing physical form, for others it can be as simple as a loss of interest in our institution. Whatever the reason even for those brothers the work is not done. One must know the reason that he was placed in this organization before he can ever hope to complete his calling. No matter how great or small the work goes noticed, it is needed, and without it the harvest will not go attended to as it should, the uninformed will remain seduced by the darkness of temptation, the destiny of this Lodge will forever be obscured by one predestined event. I say predestined because that is what it was. God makes no mistakes, yet question his judgment. He placed that brother in this lodge for a reason, he offered him two paths the path he choose was one into a felid where at first glance the harvest seemed plentiful, yet once you attempt to work the soil you soon realize this is dead ground and nothing good will grow from it. His fate is not ours to share. We have yet again been given another chance to reap the harvest. We must all and I say ALL start the arduous task of tending to the fields of humanity. We must give our time and energy to those who need it. Once we have shown worthy again of maintaining the crops of creation our bounty will again overflow with blessings.

WM. Michael Wilson 6/23/2014.   

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